So, you still
have questions?


What exactly is this?

You and your friends, family, co-workers, or any other human being you choose will be locked in a room and given a mission depending on the experience you decide upon: You will be battling supervillains, uncovering government conspiracy theories, saving yourselves from the annual Purge, or immersing yourself into a fairy tale. Throughout the game, you will uncover clues that will (If you are quick enough to beat the clock!) eventually unlock the door and grant you freedom. Sadly, however, you will then have to return to reality. We’re sorry.

Can I request something special in my Escape Experience?

Want to celebrate a birthday, or plan an extraordinary proposal for that special girl? We can help! This is a perk of being 100% local. The creators are almost always lurking around somewhere looking for another puzzle to create! Book more than 2-3 weeks in advance and we are usually able to come up with something a little crafty for your special occasion. We typically do not charge extra for this… Just give us a call to inquire.

What happens if I’ve played all your Rooms? Do you change them often?

Unlike most of the other Escape Games in the area, we create all our themes / puzzles right here in Downtown, Knoxville. This gives us the unique ability to switch things out anytime we please. When we “Refresh” a room, we change the lighting, story, and EVERY puzzle that’s not built into the room physically. This changes about 80-85% of the entire experience. We normally refresh our rooms every 10-12 weeks.

Will I be paired with another group/family?

Yes, it is possible. Because this is a live experience, consider this like you would a concert or sporting event. We sell tickets until each “show” is sold out. For example, if you are booking 3 tickets for an experience that holds a maximum of 7 people, there will still be 4 tickets available. We understand this can be a bit nerve-wracking for some, but know that everyone has the same goal in mind: To have fun & ESCAPE! The more players you have in your group, the better your chances! We also are normally able to accommodate requests for private experiences for a flat rate for the entire room.

I am claustrophobic. Will I have problems?

We do lock you in for the full sixty minutes, but we have an emergency exit and we’ve yet to have anyone be especially concerned with the size of the room. Our Villain’s Lair is the largest Escape Room in town. MK-Ultra is an average sized Escape Experience. However, The Purge: Close Quarters is not recommended for people with severe claustrophobia.

What should I bring with me?

Clothing. Solving puzzles in the nude is not recommended. (Yes, this has nearly happened. It’s a college town. Our Game Masters stay entertained.) Other than that, just bring a winning spirit! Everything you need to escape will be provided inside the rooms for you.

Does someone watch us?

Our Game Masters are watching and listening. They’ll also help you out if needed. Maybe.

If we fail to make it out will you let us go?


Is there a minimum age?

Short answer: No. Long answer: our rooms differ in difficulty and theme. If you are booking children under 10, we recommend calling ahead and getting advice from one of our friendly Game Masters on which room is right for you! 865-279-6181 or 865-246-1306

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

If you notify us at least 24 hours ahead of time we will happily reschedule. Otherwise, all sales are final.

What happens if I’m late?

We are a live event, which means that we sadly cannot wait for anybody. Even if Aliens did abduct your car keys, ten minutes after the time you are booked we will be forced to start the clock without you. Given that a hefty percentage of players who escape do so with less than five minutes left on the clock, starting even seconds late will almost certainly doom your team before you even begin. If your team arrives more than 25 minutes late, you will be rescheduled, because it won’t be worth it.

How much is it per person?

Our experiences are $27 per person, but if you are a fan of us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may be able to find the occasional deal!

Can I change how many players I bring after I book?

Yes! If there are seats available, you’ll always be welcome to purchase additional tickets. The best way to inquire about this is by calling at 865-279-6181 or 865-246-1306.

How can we book?

You can schedule your experience right here on our website, or you can call us anytime at 865-279-6181 or 865-246-1306.

Where can we park?

We have public parking available on all sides of us as well as a free private parking lot you can enter from the Main Street side of the building.

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